Do High Fat Diets Bring On Depression?


With the Keto Diet being the latest health fad for dropping kilos, a new study is showing signs that diets high in fat may actually promote depression.

According to the research, three universities fed mice a high-fat diet for a time of between three to eight weeks and compared the results to another group of mice fed normal diets at the same time.

The mice that were fed the high-fat diet showed depression-like behaviour both at the three and eight week mark of the tests.

The researchers state, “We found that the consumption of a fat-dense diet leads to an influx of dietary fatty acids specifically in the hypothalamus (a small region of the brain responsible, in part, for releasing hormones).. These fatty acids can directly modulate the protein kinase A (PKA) (a protein responsible for regulating sugar) signaling pathway that is responsible for the development of depression.”

Read more from the paper here, or a TL;DR version here.


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