Bill Hader On Anxiety and How He Deals


Saturday Night Live alum and star of HBO’s Barry, Bill Hader has gone on the record about his battle with anxiety and how he taught himself to overcome the debilitating illness that affects so many.

“I was terrified,” Hader revealed of his time on SNL during an interview with Bob Roth.  “I had massive panic attacks on every show and I wouldn’t sleep the night before, because I knew I was going to be live on national television and I felt so much pressure.”

He adds, “I had some friends who said, “You should take pills” or “Smoke this, man, you’ll be great.” But I said, “Uh, I don’t know.” So I tried taking Xanax and other stuff. But I had issues coming off the pills. I would be at a Whole Foods with my kids and they’d say, “Dad, why are you crying?” I was crying!”

In this piece for the Child Mind Institute, Hader reveals how he learned to treat his anxiety in a simple, non-habit forming, way.

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