Can Mindfulness Work For Depression?


We recently posted a piece on Mindfulness and how “it is an awareness, appreciation, purpose, consideration and power to control your actions and the ability to live in each moment. To be mindful is to carefully consider your behaviour and the behaviours of those around you; being ever present but also taking the time to appreciate.”

A reader to DWD brought to our attention a recent documentary on the ABC’s Catalyst that invited 15 ordinary Australians to take part in an experiment to see if practicing mindfulness can help overcome the symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and injuries.

“(I’ve) been through a lot of shit like us all – but Mindfulness worked for me,” our reader says.

“(I) was such a skeptic, my friends & team mates were stunned that I actually practice let alone the impacts its had on me mentally & physically…….. they’re gobsmacked. I’d never do anything like this before but the black dog changes everything.”

Our reader says he jumped in and says the experience “totally changed my life.”

“It’s no cure for sadness but you’ll learn how to manage it. The overwhelming tears, hopelessness & despair is not constant everyday anymore. It’s just fleeting and most of the time just goes away.”

Watch the doco below.

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