Dad Loses Daughter To Depression, Heads Off To Canberra


His name is Paul Murcott and he lost his 32-year-old daughter to suicide in November of 2018. Since then, he’s been on a personal mission to walk from his home in Adelaide to Canberra to discuss mental illness with our nations leaders.

Shona Mai took her own life due to depression, leaving her four children behind. Rather than letting the fog take control, Murcott decided the best thing he could do was raise awareness and promote change to Australia’s mental health system.

“I lost my dear daughter Shona Mai to suicide late last year, now I hope to create improvement in our inadequate mental health system,” he wrote on his GoFundMe page.

Calling it ‘A Trek For Shona Mai’, Murcott and his dog RJ are documenting their adventure on Facebook, with people taking the pair in, giving them food, shelter and encouragement while they make their journey to Parliament House.

“Is (sic) a really good feeling knowing that good people are still out there and I’m fortuitous enough to be meeting them,” he wrote on his page.

As for RJ, Murcott believes he’s enjoying the ride too.

“RJ really likes her little tent and she was in there again this morning but it’s been raining so she opted to get back in the swag, I can hear her snoring I think she is quite pleased to have 2room options,” he writes.

Follow their journey here or donate.

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