Did You Know That It’s Ok To Not Be Ok?

Stephanie Costan

Hey there person that gets a bit more sad than your friends do. Hello amazing mother who is quietly crumbling in the pantry when all your mummy friends seem to be holding it together. Hi there super dad who is feeling detached at the bottom of a deep dark hole that you can’t climb out of. A big hey to all you teenagers who are feeling just that bit more than overwhelmed. Grandparent, sibling, classmate, workmate, neighbour, old friend, new friend, bus driver, check out chick, business owner, entrepreneur and every single other person who might feel a bit alone in this, HELLO to you. You are most definitely NOT alone because turns out, this is not only yours but a lot of other people’s normal too.

With so many people facing symptoms of depression and anxiety in our world, how is it that we still experience this taboo around these topics? I’ve come to realise that if you don’t know well you simply just don’t know. You don’t know what it feels like so it can’t possibly be a reality but that just isn’t the case.

Have you ever had someone say something to the effect of, ‘in my day you just had to be tough and get on with it. Everyone gets sad so you just need to move on’. Not to call anyone out but we have a few generations that don’t see the importance of this global health issue that needs our attention. So what do we do? How do we make what was once considered abnormal, normal? Not simply or quickly I know that much.

We’ve established that mental health struggles are normal so it’s time we help the world in the efforts to take these next steps (or giant leaps) towards removing the stigma. I hear you, How Steph? What could I possibly do? So much is the answer and you can start by simply talking. If you’re suffering, talk to the people around you or seek professional advice.

Turns out that does not in the slightest make you weak, hell no! This my friend, this makes you strong. Talking about your feelings is honestly a super power that we as humans have the ability to tap into and get help with if we need it. Yes, that’s right, you are a superhero after all.

Super power number two is the ability to listen. Whether you’re experiencing depression/anxiety or not, being able to be there for someone that needs you can mean more to that person than you will ever know.

Super power number three is our ability to check in with the people around us. Being able to ask someone if they’re ok knowing that they could come back with a no, can be daunting! You’re opening up a dialogue that you might not be entirely prepared for but tapping into this super power with a simple question can be just the thing that someone needed.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that we need to start at base level. Let’s continue reaching for the stars by working with our own super powers. You’re human, you are amazing and your superhero abilities will help change the world view of mental health one little step at a time. Let’s do this.

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