Justin Bieber: Just Keep Fighting


Popstar Justin Bieber has recently opened up about his struggles with depression and the toll that being such a young star has taken on his life, but now he has revealed that there were times when he didn’t want to live anymore, but pushed through to find love and enjoying being a married man.

“It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning with the right attitude when you are overwhelmed with you life, your past, job, responsibilities, emotions, your family, finances, your relationships,” Bieber writes on Instagram.

Many reading this will know this feeling well as he continues.

“You start foreseeing the day through lenses of “dread” and anticipate another bad day. A cycle of feeling disappointment after disappointment. Sometimes it can even get to the point where you don’t even want to live anymore. Where you feel like it’s never going to change.. I can fully sympathize with you.”

Bieber goes on to add that the “insane pressure” of being a child star took it’s toll, with the 25-year-old admitting to making “every bad decision you could have thought of” by the age of 20.

Read his emotional post below:

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