Mailbag: You’re Not Alone

Since I started this little website, I’ve had a bunch of lovely messages from people and please send them through at the bottom of the site or on my socials!
I hope those that have sent messages don’t mind, but I want to share them with you (obviously I’ll keep them all anon) as my goal with Dads With Depression is to show those battling depression that you’re really not alone.
  • “Great to know this is here. Everyday is a working progress. I am lucky for this site you created and also my physiologist. It’s what gets me through.”
  • “This is such a good thing that you’re doing! I know too many men who’ve quietly struggled with depression and take their own lives. As a mum of 3 sons, I want to see more discussion amongst men about how they feel. That you for taking this step!”
  • “Thanks Christo for making me see it’s not a stigma to have depression and be male. I’m glad to know that if I’m down or need a chat there is like minded people who are going through this.”


  • “Thank you for talking so openly about mental health on Hot Tomato, Facebook and now here on your website. My husband is seeking help for mental health issues and hearing you talk on his drive to work has really helped him accept and start (very slowly) discussing it with his peers. He now know he isn’t the only one feeling like this and he is starting to understand he isn’t strange or weak. It’s just something happening to him.”

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