Surfing Legend Sunny Garcia Hospitalised


Surfing legend Sunny Garcia, who has openly discussed his ongoing battle with mental illness in the past, has reportedly been hospitalised and is in ICU.

At this time I thought it was appropriate to share a recent post of Garcia from his Instagram page highlighting the daily battle that he, and many of us, face.

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Garcia writes:

“Doesn’t matter what kind of mental illness you suffer from, we all suffer in silence and deal with it best we can and most people that don’t suffer can’t understand the pain and frustration that we go through:( I have a incredible life surrounded by people that love and care for me, and I get to travel to beautiful places to surf and meet different people from all over the world but I can tell you when I get down that none of that matters. I just feel like nothing or anyone can help me at the particular time so I just keep sharing my feelings hoping that it helps any of you out there that suffers from anything and encourage you to reach out and talk to others like yourself because this life can really be beautiful. If we all just talk and let it out so others see that it’s ok to share and we are not alone in this suffering:) spent the morning curled in my dark closet feeling like I just didn’t want to be here anymore but I know that this shitty feeling will leave and my day will get better and I hope you all know that your days will get better as well. you just need to find what gets you through those moments in life🙏🏽 hope you all have a great day. Also thank you to everyone that has reached out and shared with me on my page I really appreciate all the love and support.”

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