The Power of Mindfulness

Stephanie Costan

The constantly moving pace of the world around us can usually overtake our lives. We get overrun by the little things that we often find ourselves missing the opportunity to stop and take in the bigger picture. This is where the power of mindfulness comes in and hopefully, help to transform the way you not only view, but take in the world around you.

What is mindfulness? It is awareness, appreciation, purpose, consideration, power to control your actions and the ability to live in each moment. To be mindful is to carefully consider your behaviour and the behaviours of those around you; being ever present but also taking the time to appreciate. Be mindful of others without judgement to increase your ability of taking things as they are without any unnecessary weight.

As we live through the routines we build into our lives, mindfulness often tends to either take a back seat or be completely left behind. So you’re wondering how on earth this can benefit you? When we take the time to be fully present, to consider how we live and to meditate for reflection, we can carry out a more considered lifestyle with purpose. Not only this, we can present ourselves in a truer more considered manner and ultimately, make decisions with purpose and confidence.

Mindfulness can start with just a few minutes a day to reflect on daily activities that consider your actions and behaviours. This can grow into being able to emanate mindfulness in everything you do with the ultimate goal of increasing your awareness of the world around you. This considered way of living can have more of an impact than you think and help you to fully appreciate not only others but yourself and the way you choose to live.

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